Sentence Examples

  • Small segments of kabuki plays, dances known as "nihon buyo", were performed as solo performances and the "onnagata" (male actors playing female roles) were the equivalent of today's movie star celebrities.
  • What more can you ask for as a bride to be, make-up made just for you!Your personal kit should include lip liner, lipstick, blush/bronzer, eyeliner, a kabuki brush and your translucent powder for touch ups.
  • Cultural festivals such as the "Bon" dance keep the tradition alive among everyday folk, while more performative versions such as kabuki and noh theatre preserve the more formal steps.
  • Simply dab foundation onto cheeks, the forehead and your nose and blend liberally with the kabuki brush to gently diffuse the skin with lightweight, yet complete coverage.
  • Actors dancing the Kabuki as part of a play become masters at "mie", which means to strike an agile pose to help illustrate a portion of the plot.