Sentence Examples

  • Right now I don't give a damn about what happened a century ago and I'm in no position to make judgments of a situation I know so little about.
  • 1 The will, therefore, as being more originative, has more to do with true or false judgments than the understanding.
  • These were usually regarded as visitations of chastisement for national sins and vindications of divine righteousness or judgments, i.e.
  • While such judgments are naturally exaggerated, there is no doubt that he takes a very high place among modern Latin poets.
  • The office of reason is to give a true and distinct appreciation of the values of goods and evils; or firm and determinate judgments touching the knowledge of good and evil are our proper arms against the influence of the passions.3 We are free, therefore, through knowledge: ex magna lute in intellectu sequitur magna propensio in voluntate, and omnis peccans est ignorans.