Sentence Examples

  • Yet in Japan, the practice is still viewed with something of a jaundiced eye by the upper classes as a practice fit only for the lower classes, street walkers and gangsters.
  • If, after surgery for biliary atresia, an infant becomes jaundiced, has a high temperature for more than 24 hours, or if there is a change in the color of the stools or urine.
  • Erythroblastosis fetalis overwhelms the removal system, and high levels of bilirubin accumulate, causing hyperbilirubinemia, a condition in which the baby becomes jaundiced.
  • Performance of the bilirubin test itself is a precaution against the serious consequences that can occur when bilirubin levels continue to rise in jaundiced infants.
  • Jaundice comes from the French word jaune, which means yellow; thus a jaundiced baby is one whose skin color appears yellow due to bilirubin.