Sentence Examples

  • Ity By him all things exist.
  • We can thus easily calculate the capacity of a long thin wire like a telegraph wire far removed from the earth, as follows: Let 2r be the diameter of the wire, 1 its length, and the uniform Capac ity surface electric density..
  • Formerly, writers accounted for the Lutheran movement by so magnifying the horrors of the pre-existing regime ity of the that it appeared intolerable, and its abolition consequently inevitable.
  • Since the fire insurance business began in Hartford, the companies of that, ,Ity now doing business there have paid about $340,000,000 in losses.
  • Colorado College (1874) at Colorado Springs, Christian but not denominational, and the University of Denver, Methodist, are on independent to;: 4 c terling i r ` j `ia Perad°x Cany02 ' ity sse o [y H..