Sentence Examples

  • Hormonal IUDs are, in some ways, similar to taking birth control pills because the medicine in the IUD changes the hormonal environment in the uterus, preventing 99.9 percent of pregnancies.
  • Fears of infection and other complications may deter some women, though research proves the IUD does not increase risks of infections and does not cause infertility (as previously supposed).
  • Two of the next most effective methods of birth control are having an IUD inserted (which prevents eggs and sperm from coming together to create a fetus) and emergency contraception pills.
  • Before you visit your doctor, become familiar with several modes of birth control, such as the IUD, male and female condoms, the patch, and several different types of birth control pills.
  • The makers of Mirena, a type of IUD, suggest women should not use Mirena if you have certain types of cancer, tend to get infections easily, or if you already have a pelvic infection.