Sentence Examples

  • Still the game is not without its positive merits, as the first 3D (albeit isometric) Sonic game the visuals looked stunning at the time and were a breath of fresh air compared to the traditional side on 2D graphics of previous years.
  • At the same time, however, moissanite's hexagonal crystal structure is nearly twice as refractive as a diamond's isometric one, giving it up to twice the brilliance and fire of a diamond depending on the shape and cut of the stone.
  • When you perform an isometric exercise, usually you're either pressing your body against a force, like the ground or a wall, or you're holding a weight in a fixed position somewhere along a joint's range of motion.
  • The intrinsic energy, E, is similarly represented by the area DZ'Vd under the adiabatic to the right of the isometric Dd.
  • It is generally convenient to divide the path into two steps, isothermal and isometric, or isothermal and isopiestic, and to integrate along each separately.