Sentence Examples

  • All this took place at the Tun Tavern and Robert Mullan, the tavern's owner, became captain and recruiter.
  • The derivation from the Saxon cesc (ash) and tun (an enclosed place) accounts for the earliest orthography Estun.
  • At Aberdeen; and on this occasion the magistrates voted him a present of a tun of wine when the new wines should arrive, or, according to his option, the sum of £ 20 to purchase bonnets.
  • Their original name was Hoa or Hoa-tun; subsequently they styled themselves Ye-tha-i-li-to after the name of their royal family, or more briefly Ye-tha.
  • On the night of the 30th the first Japanese troops crossed the Taitszeho near Lien-Tao-Wun, and during the 31st three brigades were deployed north of Kwan-tun, facing west.