Sentence Examples

  • In Sicily, accordingly, the first really serious servile insurrections took place.
  • We only hear of two insurrections of the mountain tribes, in 181, when no less than 80,000 Sardinian slaves 2 were brought to Rome by T.
  • There are also several Albanian settlements in European Turkey and Asia Minor, some founded by military colonists who received grants of land from successive sultans, others owing their origin to enforced migrations after insurrections in Albania.
  • After the second of these insurrections, Bethlen attempted a rapprochement with the court of Vienna on the basis of an alliance against the Turks and his own marriage with one of the Austrian archduchesses; but Ferdinand had no confidence in him and rejected his overtures.
  • Mazzini, now openly hostile to the monarchy, was seized with a perfect monomania for insurrections, and promoted various small risings, the only effect of which was to show how completely his influence was gone.