Sentence Examples

  • When the insurrectionary movements of 1848 broke out in Italy, his known zeal for the cause of legitimacy, as much as his reputation as an officer, marked him out for command.
  • At the same time the burghers of Graaff Reinet also rebelled against the Cape authorities, who were powerless to suppress the insurrectionary movement.
  • He returned with the insurrectionary troops to Sofia, and order was restored only after much loss of life; Stamboliiski was obliged to go into hiding, even after the King's abdication.
  • It was plain that at the first revolutionary blast from without, or the first insurrectionary outburst from within, the " Bach System would vanish like a mirage.
  • Twice in that year he went the round of the Sicilian cities in disguise, and prepared the insurrectionary movement of 1860.