Sentence Examples

  • While out of office with Pitt, Canning proved a somewhat insubordinate follower.
  • In office he continued to be insubordinate, and committed mistakes which got him into bad odour as untrustworthy.
  • And if Disraeli, possessed by these views, became aggressively insubordinate some time before Peel's proclaimed conversion to Free Trade, we can account for it on reasonable and even creditable grounds.
  • Pierre's lip was completely insubordinate, and it was obvious he'd never worked for Dusty.
  • Thus Ali (q.v.), Pasha of Iannina, the most famous of these, though insubordinate and inclined to intrigue with foreign powers in the hope of making himself independent, had used his influence to keep the Greeks quiet; and it was only after his power had been broken in 1821 that the agitation of the Hetairia issued in widespread dangerous revolt.