Sentence Examples

  • Many people initially question the expense of hiring a planner on top of other party costs, but bear in mind that planners frequently have access to bulk discounts and insider deals that are not available to hosts.
  • From Disney's official home on the Internet to insider fan pages, there is plenty of Disney on the Web to keep you in the know on everything from movie premieres to the newest theme park rides.
  • The symbiotic relationship enjoyed by daytime television and the magazines that cover it continues to modern day with promotional pieces and insider information provided by executives looking to promote the storylines on their show.
  • Whether you're after a soft and curled style, a vintage wavy coif or a sleek and sexy do just perfect for date night, meet styles that, combined with a few insider tricks, will take you from blah to bombshell in no time flat.
  • They set up great gift packs, plus organize them by price, type of recipient (Glamour Girl, Natural Girl, and so forth), and if you have a Beauty Insider card already, all the money you spend there earns you points.