Sentence Examples

  • In its plural form, Swahili, the word has become the tribal name of the natives inhabiting the coast strip opposite Zanzibar.
  • Theism can take but little interest in this peculiar type of free will doctrine, or again in Epicurus's professed admission of the existence of gods - made of atoms: inhabiting the spaces between the worlds; Stoicism.
  • 5), a common British hydroid, produces gonophores; so also does Cordylophora, a form inhabiting fresh or brackish water.
  • We are compelled to take into account the actual affinity of the plants inhabiting them.
  • The " nandu " or American ostrich (Rhea americans), inhabiting the pampas and open plains of the Chaco, has in Patagonia a smaller counterpart (Rhea Darwinii), which is never seen north of the Rio Negro.