Sentence Examples

  • The books from the eighth to the tenth inclusive are devoted to the inflections of words and their other modifications.
  • These slight inflections of the cleavage may be sharp-sided, and may pass into small faults or steps along which dislocation has taken place.
  • A collection of the various signs of the alphabet has shown thirty-two letters, four more than Arabic. De Slane, in his notes on the Berber historian Ibn Khaldun, shows the following points of similarity to the Semitic class: - its tri-literal roots, the inflections of the verb, the formation of derived verbs, the genders of the second and Arab districts to build mills for the Arabs.
  • Though many syllables have to do duty for the expression of more than one idea, the majority have only one or at most two meanings, but there are some which are used with quite a number of different inflections, each of which gives the word a new meaning.
  • The curve (1 x, y, z) m = o, or general curve of the order m, has double tangents and inflections; (2) presents itself as a singularity, for the equations dx(* x, y, z) m =o, d y (*r x, y, z)m=o, d z(* x, y, z) m =o, implying y, z) m = o, are not in general satisfied by any values (a, b, c) whatever of (x, y, z), but if such values exist, then the point (a, b, c) is a node or double point; and (I) presents itself as a further singularity or sub-case of (2), a cusp being a double point for which the two tangents becomes coincident.