Inflect Definition

inflected, inflecting, inflects
inflected, inflecting, inflects
To vary or change the tone or pitch of (the voice); modulate.
Webster's New World
To turn, bend, or curve, usually inward.
Webster's New World
To be changed by inflection.
Webster's New World
To change the form of (a word) by inflection, as in conjugating or declining.
Webster's New World
To give all of the inflected forms of a word; to provide a paradigm.
American Heritage

Origin of Inflect

  • Middle English inflecten to bend down from Latin īnflectere in- in in–2 flectere to bend

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • From Latin īnflectō, from in- (“in”) + flectō (“I bend”)

    From Wiktionary

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