Sentence Examples

  • Reaching Geneva in October 1532, Farel (described in a contemporary monastic chronicle as "un chetif malheureux predicant, nomme maistre Guillaume") at once began to preach in a room of his lodging, and soon attracted "un grand nombre de gens qui estoient advertis de sa venue et déjà infects de son heresie."
  • The natives, already prone to the immorality which must infect a mixed population living under a hot sun, the immorality which still infects a place like Aden, were not improved by the addition of convicts.
  • The liver-fluke (Distomum hepaticum) unlike most Trematodes flourishes in a wide range of hosts and infects man, horse, deer, oxen, sheep, pig, rabbit and kangaroo.
  • To a zoosporangium, but may form directly a germ tube which infects the host.
  • The most important of these are the following: Dermacentor reticulatus, a species widely distributed in Europe, Asia and America, infects dogs in Europe with the Haematozoon causing the disease known as "biliary fever," and has been asserted to be answerable for the so-called spotted or tick fever in man in the Rocky Mountains.