Sentence Examples

  • Nh]]�CH2�CH2�CH2, hydroxyproline, phenyl alanine or phenyl-a-aminopropionic acid, C 6 H 5 � CH 2 � CH(NH 2) � Cooh, tyrosine or p-hydroxyphenyl-aaminopropionic acid, phenyl ethylamine, p-hydroxyphenyl ethylamine, tryptophane or indol aminopropionic acid, A.
  • B-methyl indol or skatole occurs in human faeces.
  • For example, various sugars - lactose, glucose, saccharose, &c. - are added to test the fermentative action of the bacterium on these substances; litmus is added to show changes in reaction, specially standardized media being used for estimating such changes; peptone solution is commonly employed for testing whether or not the bacterium forms indol; sterilized milk is used as a culture medium to determine whether or not it is curdled by the growth.