Sentence Examples

  • Yet once again the term has been applied to characterize a whole group of religions, like the Indo-Germanic, which are ultimately founded on the unity of the divine nature in a plurality of divine persons.
  • Modern speculations (mainly corollaries of Indo-Germanic theory) add little of value to the Greek accounts quoted above.
  • Vizcaya (Biscay)a tongue which is utterly unlike Celtic or Italian or any Indo-Germanic languagesuggests that the Iberians may have been an older people than the Celts and alien from them in race, though the attempts hitherto made to connect Basque with ancient traces of strange tongues in the Basque lands have not yielded clear results.
  • By Max Muller especially it was employed as a convenient short term for the whole body of languages more commonly known as IndoEuropean or Indo-Germanic. In the same way Max Muller used Aryas as a general term for the speakers of such languages, as in his book published in 1888, Biographies of Words and the Home of the Aryas.
  • µ7v, &c., in other branches of the Indo-Germanic family; all ultimately from the root seen in the word for the moon in nearly all those languages), originally the period between two returns of the new moon; generally called a lunar and sometimes a synodic or illuminative month.