Sentence Examples

  • For the distillation of liquids the retort is usually a cylindrical pot placed vertically; cast iron is generally employed, in which case the bottom is frequently incurved and thicker than the sides in order to take up the additional wear and tear.
  • The feathers which form this remarkable adornment are, like those of the "ear-tufts," stiff and incurved at the end, but much longer - measuring more than 2 in.
  • Helichrysum bracteatum: half-hardy, 2 ft.; the incurved crimson, rose and other forms very handsome.
  • When a fly is captured, the viscid excretion becomes strongly acid and the naturally incurved margins of the leaf curve still further inwards, rendering contact between the insect and the leaf-surface more complete.
  • High, having sometimes a girth of 6 or 8 ft., with a broad spreading head; the leaves are rather long and of a light green tint, the cones generally in pairs, the scales terminating in a sharp incurved prickle.