Sentence Examples

  • The dome, therefore, sloped inwards i ft.
  • There are towers about every 80 ft.; and the' gates are so arranged that the passage inwards usually runs from right to left, and so an attacking force would have to expose its right or shieldless side.
  • Whichever wing succeeded first would then wheel inwards and help the other.
  • - The solidification of an ingot of steel takes place gradually from without inwards, and each layer in solidifying tends to expel into the still molten interior the impurities which it contains, especially the carbon, phosphorus, and sulphur, which by this process are in part concentrated or segregated in the last-freezing part of the ingot.
  • It cannot but suggest itself that this transference was induced by some peculiarity as to formation of cuticle, causing the growth of the wings to be directed inwards instead of outwards.