Sentence Examples

  • In 1878, when the emperor was incapacitated by the shot of an assassin, the prince acted for some months as regent.
  • Though encouragement was given to the idea that he might return to the House of Commons, where he continued to retain his seat for Birmingham, he was quite incapacitated for any public work; and this invalid condition was protracted throughout 1907, 1908 and 1909.
  • He commanded in the battle of Fair Oaks (May 31, 1862), and was so severely wounded as to be incapacitated for several months.
  • By the Federal Act, passed in the session of 1908, a pension of ten shillings a week was granted to persons of either sex over sixty-five years of age, or to persons over sixty who are incapacitated from earning a living.
  • The flamen Dialis was not allowed to leave the city for a single night, to ride or even touch a horse (a restriction which incapacitated him for the consulship), to swear an oath, to look at an army, to touch anything unclean, or to look upon people working.