In Personam Definition

ĭn pər-sōnəm
Designating an action or judgment against a person, as distinguished from one against a thing, as property (in rem)
Webster's New World
Pertaining to a person or personal rights or interests, as opposed to in rem.
Webster's New World Law

(law) In a lawsuit against a specific individual, a summons and complaint to give the court jurisdiction that is served to a person to try a case. In personam means that a judgment can be enforceable against the person wherever he/she is.

In personam judgment.

Origin of In Personam

  • Late Latin Latin in onto, against Latin persōnam accusative of persōna person

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • From Latin in + personam, literally "towards a person".

    From Wiktionary

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