Sentence Examples

  • Despite the costs of in-home care, for many seniors and their immediate family members and friends, caregivers who come to the home can provide important help in many domains, lessening the responsibilities of all parties involved.
  • However, in-home sitters range from nannies who may have training in child development and first aid to women who, although not trained formally, have had many years of experience caring for children, including their own.
  • If in-home caregivers receive childcare subsidy payments, they may be required by many states to have a criminal background check done, and a very few states have minimal health and safety training requirements.
  • No need to transport - In-home tune-ups can be very convenient, particularly for large items like big screen televisions or lawnmowers since you avoid the hassle of transporting them into a service center.
  • Because Florida features many retirement communities and is often the chosen state of those looking to spend their later years in a milder climate, there is an abundance of in-home care service companies.