Sentence Examples

  • There is also no explicit differentiation between beginner and advanced players, so it is not uncommon to head to a table filled with sharks, while you are still a relative guppy in the tank of Mahjong players.
  • Dr Guppy was fortunate in reaching North Keeling Island, where a landing is only possible during the calmest weather.
  • Forbes in 1878, and later, at the expense of Sir John Murray, by Dr Guppy, Mr Ridley and Dr Andrews.
  • Guppy, Observations of a Naturalist in the Pacific,1896-1899(London, 1903 seq.).
  • Guppy, The Solomon Islands (London, 1887), where full references to earlier works are given; C. Ribbe, Zwei Jahre unter den Kannibalen der Salomon-Inseln (Dresden, 1903).