Sentence Examples

  • While brides may find this tradition to be beyond understanding, many couples today are embracing it and finding innovative ways to immortalize Bambi's rugged buttercream cousin.
  • Still, for perfect happiness a man should prefer the speculative life of divine intellect, and immortalize (CcOavarQ"ecv) as far as possible.
  • His share in the gigantic task of verifying the Newtonian theory would alone suffice to immortalize his name.
  • When Herod the Great received the territory from Augustus, 20 B.C., he erected here a temple in honour of his patron; but the re-foundation of the town is due to his son, Philip the Tetrarch, who here erected a city which he named Caesarea in honour of Tiberius, adding Philippi to immortalize his own name and to distinguish his city from the similarly-named city founded by his father on the sea-coast.