Sentence Examples

  • After these syndromes, we come to the entire spectrum of mental illnesses, from depression to paranoia.
  • Likewise for mental illnesses: We should be able to cure them to the extent the person in question would wish them to be.
  • Astura was the site of a favourite villa of Cicero, whither he retired on the death of his daughter Tullia in 45 B.C. It appears to have been unhealthy even in Roman times; according to Suetonius, both Augustus and Tiberius contracted here the illnesses which proved fatal to them.
  • His concluding years were mainly spent at Chislehurst, where he had taken up his residence in 1609, and in spite of recurring illnesses he continued to work at material for the improvement of the Britannia and kindred subjects.
  • Livingstone recrossed Tanganyika in July, and passed through the country of the Manyema, but baffled partly by the natives, partly by the slave hunters, and partly by his long illnesses it was not till the 29th of March 1871 that he succeeded in reaching the Lualaba, .at the town of Nyangwe, where he stayed four months, vainly trying to get a canoe to take him across.