Sentence Examples

  • Symptoms included such things as mental sluggishness, loss of concentration, poor memory, irritability, lack of confidence, excessive worry, hypochondria, depression, obsession, suicidal tendencies, and senility.
  • A Virgo profile that includes hypochondria doesn't sound as if it would appeal to many people, so why are members of this sign so captivating and sought after?
  • The hypochondria of his father left Elizabeth mistress of the palace.
  • The knowledge of the presence of the parasite adversely affects nervous people and may lead to mental depression and hypochondria.
  • Intense application during early youth had weakened a constitution never robust, and led to accesses of feverish exaltation culminating, in the spring of 1761, in an attack of bilious hypochondria, which permanently lowered the tone of his nervous system.