Sentence Examples

  • Yet there was great despondency, of course, in the Conservative ranks; with despondency discontent; with discontent rancour.
  • He had led the country out of the despondency which followed the defeat of Novara and the abdication of Charles Albert, through all the vicissitudes of national unification to the final triumph at Rome.
  • Moreover, growing in strength day by day, and aware that the Japanese had outrun their powers, he resolved, in spite of the despondency of many of his senior officers, to take the offensive.
  • The crown and not in the church., Within a few months of this famous decision the popeperhaps encouraged by the activity and despondency of the High Church party issued a brief for re-establishing and extending the Catholic faith in England, and proceeded to divide England and Wales into twelve sees.
  • In the north a feeling of despondency overtook Congress at the "lame and impotent conclusion" of a campaign of invasion which was expected to terminate the war by the defeat of the Confederate army, the capture of Richmond and the immediate overthrow of the Confederacy.