Sentence Examples

  • The more nearly the composition of guncotton approaches that represented by C6H702(N03)3, the more stable is it as regards storing at ordinary temperatures, and the higher the igniting temperature.
  • And that that same technology would allow his questions to be spread across Europe, thereby igniting the Protestant Reformation?
  • Above a pinhole burner and igniting the gas above the gauze.
  • She recalled with bitterness how he'd plied her with potion, falsely igniting her deep seeded passions until there was no turning back from his rampant lust.
  • Dean dusted off a Christmas present bottle of VO with thoughts of re-igniting the glow from Ethel's gin and chasing away the gloom of the empty house but one sip and he re-capped the jug, deciding it wasn't a good idea.