Sentence Examples

  • Introductory: Abrahams, Short History of Jewish Literature (London, 1906); Steinschneider, Jewish Literature (London, 18 57); Winter and Wi nsche, Die jitdische Literatur (Leip;ig, 1893-1895) (containing selections translated into German).
  • This was afterwards expanded into Serbien and die Tiirkei im Ig Jahrhundert (1879).
  • The French, still numbering nearly 200,000, now held the following positions: the Army of the North - Dorsenne (48,000) - was about the Pisuerga, in the Asturias, and along the northern coast; the Army of Portugal - Marmont (50,000) - mainly in the valley of the Tagus, but ordered to Salamanca; the Army of the South - Soult (55,000) - in Andalusia; the Army of the Centre - Joseph (ig,000) - about Madrid.
  • Kirchhoff's expressions for X, Y, Z, the coordinates of the centre of the body, FX=y 1 cos xY--y 2 cos yY-{-y 3 cos zY, (18) FY = -y l cos xX -Hy2 cos yX+y 3 cos zX, (Ig) G=y 1 cos xZ+y 2 cos yZ+y 3 cos zZ, (20) (21) F(X+Yi) = Fy3-Gx3+i /) X 3epi.
  • The larva swims by a ri ig of cilia, which corresponds with the praeoral circlet of a Trochosphere.

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