Sentence Examples

  • Gave up his idols and sought baptism.
  • 2.-Marble Idols, Amorgos; 6-II Fiddle And Mallet Types, 12-14, Developed Types.
  • The question of meat offered to idols was a burning one, in every sense of the term, long after Paul's day.
  • Other peculiar trees prized for their wood are: the kauila (Alphitonia ponderosa), used for making spears, mallets and other tools; the kela (Mezoneuron kauaiense), the hard wood of which resembles ebony; the halapepe (Dracaena aurea), out of the soft wood of which the natives carved many of their idols; and the wiliwili (Erythrina monosperma), the wood of which is as light as cork and is used for outriggers.
  • As the story was reproduced, variations were freely introduced according to the bent of different times and peoples; in the Persian version Alexander (Iskander) became a son of Darius; among the Mahommedans he turned into a prophet, hot against idols; the pen of Christian monks made him an ascetic saint.