Sentence Examples

  • From the primary amines are derived the diazo compounds and azo compounds; closely related are the hydrazines (q.v.).
  • The first class includes those substances which require no preliminary treatment, and comprises the amides and ammonium compounds, pyridines, quinolines, alkaloids, albumens and related bodies; the second class requires preliminary treatment and comprises, with few exceptions, the nitro-, nitroso-, azo-, diazoand amidoazo-compounds, hydrazines, derivatives of nitric and nitrous acids, and probably cyanogen compounds.
  • Chemie, 1866, 2, p. 308), on account of their ready condensation to form azo compounds and their easy reduction to hydrazines, assumed that they were substances of the type R N: N Cl.
  • Senderens, Comptes rendus, 1901, 132, p. 210 seq.); and from hydrazines of the type CnH2,2_1 NH NH2 by oxidation with alkaline potassium ferricyanide (N.

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