Sentence Examples

  • In acid solution, amines are obtained, in alkaline solution, azoxy, azo and hydrazo compounds, and in neutral solution hydroxylamino compounds.
  • They may also be obtained by the reduction of nitroso compounds and of hydrazo compounds and of hydrazones (J.
  • They may be prepared by the reduction of nitro compounds in alkaline solution (using zinc dust and alkali, or a solution of an alkaline stannite as a reducing agent); by oxidation of hydrazo compounds; or by the coupling of a diazotized amine and any compound of a phenolic or aminic type, provided that there is a free para position in the amine or phenol.
  • By oxidizing agents they are converted into azoxy compounds, and by reducing agents into hydrazo compounds or amines.
  • It melts at 112-114° C. and is easily reduced to the corresponding hydrazo compound.

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