Sentence Examples

  • Speak to a representative in the Human Resources (HR) department of your company for more information, or contact Aetna directly for more information regarding the options available to you through employer provided Aetna dental insurance.
  • If you're very concerned, you may want to contact the HR department and your former employer to alert him or her to the fact that you're looking for a job and that employment verification calls might be coming in about you.
  • She is the co-founder of Mobile Technical Institute & MTI Business Solutions, and has extensive experience in career education, corporate training, professional development, certification preparation, and HR consulting.
  • Internal HR Policies/Practices - Information that pertains exclusively to a federal agency's internal personnel policies and procedures is exempt from the disclosure requirements of the Freedom of Information Act.
  • If someone in the HR department pulls your file to verify an employment history verification request, it's certainly not in your best interest to have a letter with inappropriate remarks on it in your file.