Sentence Examples

  • Human papillomavirus (HPV): The warty growths of HPV can appear on the external or internal reproductive organs of males and females but are commonly found on the labia minora and the opening to the vagina in females and the penis in males.
  • For instance, some types of HPV cause warts to grow on the skin, others cause them to grow inside the mouth, while still others cause them to grow on the genital and rectal areas.
  • Skin warts can affect anyone, at any age, and have a lingering incubation period of weeks to months after skin to skin contact with an infected HPV carrier.
  • HPV appears to be transferred from the mother to the infant during the birth process and can cause tracheal narrowing due to lesions (warts) from the virus.
  • More than 50 types of HPV have been identified, some of which are linked to cancerous and precancerous conditions, including cancer of the cervix.