Sentence Examples

  • Paxton was elected in 1826 a fellow of the Horticultural Society.
  • This, too, the Royal Horticultural Society was once wont to do, with valuable results, as in the case of David Douglas's remarkable expedition to North America in 1823-1824.
  • This building is occupied by the Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society, a technical museum, &c. The school of mines and industries (1903) stands east of this again.
  • In Huntington Avenue, at its junction with Massachusetts Avenue, is another group of handsome new buildings, including Horticultural Hall, Symphony Hall (1900) and the New England Conservatory of Music. In the Back Bay Fens, reclaimed swamps laid out by F.
  • These crocuses of the flower garden are mostly horticultural varieties of C. vernus, C. versicolor and C. aureus (Dutch crocus), the two former yielding the white, purple and striped, and the latter the yellow varieties.