Sentence Examples

  • In 1648, a week after the Royalists had been decisively defeated by Colonel Horton at St Fagan's, 4 m.
  • Some of these were refounded, and the principal monastic remains now existing are those of the Benedictine priories at Rochester (1089), Folkestone (1095), Dover (1140); the Benedictine nunneries at Malling (time of William Rufus),Minster-in-Sheppey (1130), Higham (founded by King Stephen), and Davington (I 153); the Cistercian Abbey at Boxley (1146); the Cluniac abbey at Faversham (1147) and priory at Monks Horton (time of Henry II.), the preceptory of Knights Templars at Swingfield (time of Henry II.); the Premonstratensian abbey of St Radigund's, near Dover (1191); the first house of Dominicans in England at Canterbury (1221); the first Carmelite house in England, at Aylesford (1240); and the priory of Augustinian nuns at Dartford (1355).
  • WILLIAM PROUT (1785-1850), English chemist and physician, was born at Horton, Gloucestershire, on the 15th of January 1785, and died in London on the 9th of April 1850.
  • Brief English notes are furnished by Horton (Century Bible, 1901, from Zahn's standpoint) and J.
  • (1888, 2nd ed., 1899); Horton, in Expositor's Bible (1891); Wildeboer, in Marti's Kurz.