Sentence Examples

  • Whether you're looking for a rousing game of No Limit Texas Hold'em poker or a relaxing session with a stylized puzzle game, there's a good chance that you'll be able to amuse yourself on your Blackberry.
  • As expected, this multiplayer poker game focuses mostly on Texas Hold'em, but there are several different kinds of poker games built into this single package as well.
  • My only concern was whether or not World Championship Poker would have enough content to actually keep me occupied, as a man can only play Texas Hold'em for so long.
  • Whether you are playing Texas Hold'em software on your PC to hone your skills or gambling online in an Omaha tournament, you are playing video poker games.
  • One of the more popular forms in recent years is Texas Hold'em and this rising popularity can be partly attributed to the television shows that feature it.