Sentence Examples

  • In Chrismann the word " dogma " has superseded the word " article "; Holden uses both, though " article " has the preponderance.
  • The leaders in the movement were General Rufus Putnam, Benjamin Tupper (1738-1792), Samuel Holden Parsons (1737-1789) and Manasseh Cutler.
  • 27, that he who consumes them unworthily is guilty or holden of the Lord's body and blood.
  • Holden, in Smith's Dictionary of Antiquities (3rd ed., 1891).
  • One remarkable discovery, however, of general interest, was the outcome of a long series of delicate weighings and minute experimental care in the determination of the relative density of nitrogen gas - undertaken in order to determine the atomic weight of nitrogen - namely, the discovery of argon, the first of a series of new substances, chemically inert, which occur, some only in excessively minute quantities, as constituents of the 1 The barony was created at George IV.'s coronation in 1821 for the wife of Joseph Holden Strutt, M.P. for Maldon (1790-1826) and Okehampton (1826-1830), who had done great service during the French War as colonel of the Essex militia.