Sentence Examples

  • Born in 1946, Gregory Hines was a terpsichorean at a very young age, taught by choreographer Henry LeTang to perform professionally with his brother Maurice and their father in a vaudeville-style act dubbed "Hines, Hines, and Dad".
  • Having proven his ability on the stage in both music and movement, Hines set his sights on the silver screen, landing a role in the Mel Brooks movie History of the World, Pt. 1 in 1986.
  • Hines, Melissa, et al. "Testosterone during Pregnancy and Gender Role Behavior of Preschool Children: A Longitudinal, Population Study."
  • When Hines saw the young man receive the award, he cried, speaking later of the continuing cultural heritage that had been shared.
  • Hines also had recurring roles on TV, both in his own series for CBS and also as the character Ben Doucette on Will and Grace.