Sentence Examples

  • The only difference Was that he divine statue was half-consciously recognized as a lifeless hing that required carefully regulated rites and ceremonies to ~nabIe it to enjoy the good things offered to it.
  • 25-221) it was known as Yung Chow; under the Tang (618-907) as Kwannui; under the Sung (960-1127) as Yung-hing; under the Yuan and Ming (1260-1644) as Gan-si.
  • With the exception of a small portion of the great delta plain, which extends across the frontier from the province of Kiang-su, and in which are situated the famous cities of Hu Chow, Ka-hing, Hang-chow, Shao-Sing and Ning-po, the province forms a portion of the Nan-shan of south-eastern China, and is hilly throughout.
  • The last is by far the largest of the three and extends over the districts of Wu-ch`uen, Tien-pai, Yang-kiang, Yang-ch`un, Gan-ping, K`ai-ping, Sin-hing, Ho-shan, Sin-hwang, and Sin-ning.
  • The principal rivers are the Si-kiang and the Kwei-kiang, or Cinnamon River, which takes its rise in the district of Hing-gan, in the north of the province, and in the neighbourhood of that of the Siang river, which flows northward through Hu-nan to the Tungt'ing Lake.