Sentence Examples

  • Persian, after being itself transformed by Arabic, has in its turn largely influenced all west Asiatic Moslem literature from Hindustani to Turkish.
  • According to the Thuggee and Dacoity Report for 1879, the number of registered Punjabi and Hindustani Thugs then still amounted to 344; but all of these had already been registered as such before 1852, and the whole fraternity may now be considered as extinct.
  • The five mathnawis, from the Makhzan to the Haft Paikar, form Nizami's so-called "Quintuple" (Khamsa) or "Five Treasures" (Panj Ganj), and have been taken as pattern by all the later epic poets in the Persian, Turkish, Chaghatai and Hindustani languages.
  • The Hindustani form is rai, and the title of the Hindu emperor of Vijayanagar in S.
  • He published two volumes of translations of Arabic poetry (1885 and 1894), a translation of two ancient Arabic Diwans (1913), as well as articles on Hindustani and Arabic literature in the E.B.