Sentence Examples

  • Of the town) is the seat of Earl Powis, and has been in the possession of the Herberts for many generations.
  • He delighted to move among the people, and yet found time to meet with a society of antiquaries, of which Raleigh, Sidney, Burleigh, Arundel, the Herberts, Saville, Stow and Camden were members.
  • The Crown gave it, in the 15th century, to the Herberts of Cherbury, one of whom, in 1644, surrendered it to the Parliamentarians, who dismantled it.
  • The most important are Holinshed, Stow and Camden; and gradually, with Speed and Bacon, the chronicle develops into the history, and early in the I 7th tentury we get such works as Lord Herberts Reign of Henry VIII., Haywards Edward VI., and, on the ecclesiastical side, Hvlvn.

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