Sentence Examples

  • Healthcare according to need, not ability, to pay retains today its enduring appeal.
  • Healthcare providers, including pediatricians, dentists, and other doctors, require signed medical release forms before administering medical treatment or prescribing medications, with the exception of life threatening medical treatments.
  • Under the system of healthcare in the United States in the beginning of 2010, tens of millions of people lived in fear of any illness requiring medical attention because the costs could quickly become exorbitant or impossible to cover.
  • Fast breathing rates, wheezing, abnormal muscle contractions, or a blue cast to the lips or fingernails should all alert the parent that the child is having difficulty breathing and should be seen immediately by a healthcare provider.
  • As proponents continued pointing out the obvious benefits to millions of Americans without healthcare, critics argued that the final bill would be even more cost-prohibitive than the already exorbitant costs of healthcare in America.