Sentence Examples

  • The Melitta Group is a privately held company based in Minden, Germany with an American headquarter branch located in Clearwater, Florida.
  • Snoozer, created in 1985 and headquarter in Greenville, South Carolina, is an American company that is family owned and operated.
  • Under him in the army department, now divided into higher committees and the headquarter staff, the latter comprising (since the abolition of the military staff department under Lord Kitchener's reorganization) the divisions of the chief of the general staff, the adjutant-general and the quartermaster-general.
  • It is one of the headquarter stations of the Channel Squadron, which uses the harbour at Castletown Bearhaven on the northern shore, behind Bear Island, near the mouth of the bay.
  • The tsar, the king of Prussia, Schwarzenberg and a very large headquarter staff watched the fighting from a hill near Racknitz and offered an easy mark to the French guns.