Sentence Examples

  • The Nano does not come with much included in the box (just a dock adapter, USB cable and headphones), so you may need to invest in a protective case, armband, or other accessories -- these quickly add up and Apple knows it.
  • The headphones are designed to eliminate all of that pesky fiddling with tangled cables business that accompany most traditional headphones, because the audio wire in fits with the lanyard itself.
  • Music is central to all of the exhibits at the Rock Hall, and headphones are liberally scattered throughout the museum to allow visitors to experience old favorites and find new favorites as well.
  • To perform the auditory brainstem response (ABR) test, headphones are placed on the infant or child and electrophysiological responses from the scalp and ears are recorded in response to tones sent through the headphones.
  • Audio & Video This online mall's audio and video department includes sales of CD players and recorders, speakers, receivers and amplifiers, turntables, tape decks, and headphones.