Sentence Examples

  • To the temple came the poor farmer to borrow seed corn or supplies for harvesters, &c. - advances which he repaid without interest.
  • In 1893, at Chester, self-binding harvesters and sheep-shearing machines (power) were the appliances respectively in competition.
  • The labour question again became acute in the early years of the 10th century, when, owing to the scarcity of hands and the high rate of wages, selfbinding harvesters were resorted to in England for the ingathering of the corn crops to a greater extent than ever before.
  • Combined harvesters (which enter a field of standing grain and leave this grain piled in sacks ready for shipment), steam gang-ploughs, and other farm machinery are of truly extraordinary size and efficiency.
  • The harvesters vary in size according to the character of the land.