Sentence Examples

  • He made a surreptitious recording with a concealed hand-held machine.
  • Use your home as a gym by walking or running up and down the stairs, using a chair for stretches and lifts, substituting cans of beans for small hand-held weights, and doing exercises such as crunches and push-ups on the floor.
  • General Electric (GE) has been one of the leading manufacturers of small, hand-held kitchen appliances for decades and every year has the company brought innovative new designs and products to the field.
  • If you want to pay bills online, you'll need a PINsentry reader card, which is a small hand-held device that will generate new eight-digit codes every time you log on to the online banking program.
  • With laws recently being passed in states such as California banning the use of hand-held cell phones while driving, speakerphones and Bluetooth headsets are quickly rising in popularity.