Sentence Examples

  • Be for come, the fourthe for his leyse, the fyfte for his commen pastures, and the sixte for his haye; and in wynter time there is but one occupied with come, and than hath the husbande other fyue to occupy tyll lente come, and that he hath his falowe felde, his ley felde, and his pasture felde al sommer.
  • (1895); Balzani, in Cambridge Modern History; Hubner, Sixte-Quinte (1870).
  • Of recent works the best are Hubner, Sixte-Quint, &c. (Paris, 1870, translated into English by H.
  • De Sixte-Quint (Paris, 1869, 2nd ed.); Segretain, Sixte-Quint et Henri IV (Paris, 1861, strongly Ultramontane); Ranke's masterly portrayal, Popes (Eng.