Sentence Examples

  • He was not interested in candid photography or handheld cameras.
  • The Language Tutor is stored on a compact special card to be easily inserted into your handheld dictionary.
  • The big company Nintendo keeps thinking smaller and smaller with it's dominant handheld system by introducing the Game Boy Micro, a tiny version of their SP that plays all of their Advance games while offering extreme portability.
  • Loading up on individual handheld video games is one option to keep the kids calm and your sanity in check, but nothing spells fun more than a classic road trip games, such as I Spy, 20 Questions and License Plate Bingo.
  • A hundred things have improved since we opened up that very first bulky, monochromed-screen Game Boy but one thing has remained the same: the games push the portable handheld with each screen, button press, and movement.