Sentence Examples

  • The rewards programs do have limits on some of the FIA credit cards and if you apply online, you only get a snapshot of the terms and conditions so make sure you call or download all of the terms and conditions before you apply.
  • Pictures: Many magnet companies allow the couple to include a personal picture on the magnet, which is a great way to share engagement photos or a fun snapshot so guests can see the couple together.
  • The human subjects in portrait photography are already used to having their snapshot taken, but the subject having sensual pictures taken of herself might not be as experienced.
  • While studying a natal chart is the only way to get a full snapshot of Taurus, a Taurean profile can give you some of the basic sun sign traits that the bull signs have in common.
  • For just a small snapshot of student achievement at the college, the current range of SAT verbal and math scores for enrolled freshmen is 700 to 790 out of 800 possible points.